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Mizzou Links, 12-8-09

Texas Bowl Links

Suh for Heisman?

Other Big 12/Bowl Links

  • KC Star: Ole Miss' Nutt is on KU's list in search for football coach
    Rock Chalk Talk: Get to Know a Coaching Candidate: Turner Gill
  • Double Extra Point: Woe Is the Nebraska Offense
  • Big Ten turns another BCS double play
    Now we can certainly debate whether multiple BCS entries really helps the Big Ten, which consequently faces tougher postseason matchups in a bowl system that has several built-in disadvantages for the league. But from a financial and a competitive standpoint, the current setup certainly benefits Jim Delany and the conference.

    I can assure you if the Big Ten expanded and held a championship game, you wouldn't see multiple BCS entries as often.
  • Senator Blutarsky: Like the swallows to Capistrano...

    They made the BCS selections yesterday, so you know what that means.

    John Feinstein is very, very unhappy.


    It is my fervent hope that we never see John Feinstein and Ari Fleischer debate this issue.  Because I’m afraid that if we did, millions of Americans would promptly lose complete interest in college football forever.

Basketball Links