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Mizzou Links, 12-9-09

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So this is making the rounds...

Texas Bowl!

Other Mizzou Football Links

Nike Pro Combat Uniforms from WeAreMizzou on Vimeo.

Big 12 Links

  • Lincoln Journal-Star: Colt McCoy: Didn't know rule about stopping clock
    McCoy says he thought the clocked stop on a pass out of bounds as soon as it crossed the first down marker. Had he known the rule, he says, he wouldn't have floated a long and high pass over the bench area that didn't touch down until it appeared to hit a railing near the stands.
    To which I can only respond...
  • Bring On the Cats: If You're Looking for a Sympathetic Victim, You Could Do Better Than Nebraska
  • Austin American-Statesman: My vote, and conscience, are clear: Suh for the Heisman


Other Mizzou Links