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Mizzou Links, 2-12-09

So with a couple full days passed since the KU game and a couple more till the NU game...well, the links are a little paltry and sporadic today.  Have fun.

Really only a couple of basketball links today...both from the Upon Further Review blog and neither directly connected to Mizzou: 1) K-State's been ridiculously streaky this year (which makes it pretty hard to predict how they're going to finish up this season), and 2) the Big 12 is a superstar conference (Stipo reference!).

Now, on to football.  First up: Mike Alden discusses our Big East- or MAC-like schedule changes for 2009.

BTS: Do decisions like these reflect the difficult financial times that are affecting athletic departments?

Alden: Yes. Yes. Yes. That’s the reality. The reality now is the way we operate and the things we do, we have to think further and further out of the box if we’re going to continue to grow our program … because resources are scarce right now. We have to make sure we’re doing everything we can. But you also have to be sensitive, too. You don’t want to over-commercialize yourself and punish your fans because that will hurt you on the other end. We’ve got to do everything we can, and this would be an example of those options.

How did Josh Henson end up at Mizzou?  Apparently some credit goes to an early-'90s Tuttle vs Ada high school football game in Oklahoma, and the '97 OSU vs Missouri game.

After taking a look at the 2010 offensive recruiting outlook a couple days ago, PowerMizzou now switches focus to the defense.  Oh, and we MUST land Carrington Byndom--it would go a long way toward addressing our sudden cool-name deficiency.

Finally...congrats to Jim Dougherty, former Mizzou QB and current Washington WR coach.

Oh yeah, and you want one more video from Monday night?  Mizzourah's got you covered...