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Mizzou Links, 2-13-09

Not quite done reliving the MU-KU game yet?  Neither is Rock Chalk Talk.

We never really recovered from all of that nonsense, really. Never could overcome all of that intensity and passion and Kansas hatred. We had the chances. But, in the most hostile environment we've played in all year (it wasn't even close, either), we crumbled at the end. It wasn't just two Relly Ice misses that let us lose. It was a pair of Sherron Collins free throws, it was missing six shots in a row to close out the game (before Mario Little drained one with 31 seconds left), it was 27 turnovers.

We're a young team. And hell, Missouri is a damn good basketball team; in all honesty, objectively, just as good as us. This really isn't a surprise, at all. Coming in, I expected to lose, you expected to lose, we all expected to fall short. It's not surprising. And yet, we could have won. That is what made it so difficult to take, so heartbreaking. We were right there.

But, for the first time since way-back-when on January 10th up in East Lansing, our youth really showed up. We showcased the rookie mistakes, the inexperience, the stupid plays that make coaches lose their hair.

Meanwhile, future Tiger Mike Dixon had a bit more fun Monday night.

And now...we move on. has its official preview up for the (now sold out) MU-NU game tomorrow.  So does, for that matter...and the KC Star.  REVENGE!!!

The "DeMarre Carroll's GOT to be all-conference" chorus is is the "These Tigers are learning how to win close games!" chorus.

Time has come for one of the more unique, interesting Mizzou traditions of the year: the Beauty & The Beast meet!

You'd think this might be a slow time for football recruiting articles, but...well, you'd be wrong.  Check out check-ins with Justin McCay (probably the highest-rated player on Mizzou's board this year, likes Mizzou a lot), Nick Demien (seems like he'll be playing the field for a while) and Keeston Terry (likes Mizzou but has Jayhawk blood).


And don't forget...