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Mizzou Links, 2-16-09

Imagine these signs being made a year ago...

I guess we'll start with a couple of the better MU-NU links from Saturday night...

Meanwhile, the basketball version of the nagging cough my wife's had for the past week is the "Alabama wants Anderson" rumor.  The Trib takes a look.  I hate the "[Anderson] stressed that he is focused on coaching this Missouri team but has stopped short of emphatic denial" stuff.  Emphatic mean like the "I don't give a s*** about North Carolina" denial that Roy Williams, two days before he took the UNC job?  There's nothing that Anderson could say right now that would prove without a doubt that he's not interested in 'Bama.

That said...I just don't see that he'd be interested in 'Bama.  I mean...he grew up in Alabama, but he went to school at Tulsa, then coached at Arkansas and eventually UAB.  Sounds to me like he has ties to 'Bama like I have ties to OU.  I grew up in Oklahoma...but other than my high school best friend's brother playing for the football team, I simply do not have ties to OU.

And all that said...yeah, Mrs. Anderson says MU is the place.  THAT's the kind of emphatic denial I can trust...

To football recruiting, where is tracking down where Mizzou offers have gone so far.  Some known offers include Timberland OL Nick Demien, Bethlehem (PA) QB/ATH Anthony Gonzalez, Wichita QB Blake Bell, and of course Liberty WR Marcus Lucas.

Finally, Mizzou Wrestling links!