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Mizzou Links, 2-18-09

Gotta love the slim pickins on Wednesdays with no basketball game...I will soldier on nonetheless!

New challenge for Mizzou: stay humble, and play well as the hunted.

"The first time we got ranked we kind of laid an egg because we were so happy we were ranked," Lyons said. "Now, we've kind of been there and we have experience about us so we know to go out there with a defensive mindset."

Who's more well-built for an NCAA tourney run--Missouri or Illinois?

Tonight's Big 12 games links!

Offers from Cal, ATM, UCLA, Michigan, etc?  No worries!  Mizzou throws its name in the hat for a big-time Texas DT.

Chase Daniel: always confident.

Finally, guess what got the highest Nielsen ratings in KC last week...higher than even the Daytona 500!