Gymnastics vs. OU/Brown/West Virginia

The #13 Gymnastics team is in action against three other schools, one of which is Big XII foe #11 OU.  The meet is taking place in Oklahoma and the Tigers are off to a decent start.

Mizzou started on the uneven bars where they brought home a very solid 49.000.  All six routines were above 9.750.  OU started on the vault and crushed the event, scoring a 49.250

On to the second rotation, and Mizzou struggled a bit on the balance beam.  Mary Burke must have been attacked by said beam, as she scored a 8.200.  With the lowest score being dropped, Mizzou had recovered with solid routines, and had only RED-hot Sarah Shire left to compete.  Shire is recorded to have scored a 9.5, though the TEAM score would add up to her having scored a pretty solid 9.8  If the team score is correct, then Mizzou trails OU (who had the uneven bars next) by a miniscule margin of 98.000 to 97.950.

Mizzou is now competing on the floor exercise, which should be one of their higher scoring event.  They will finish on the vault.  OU is currently on the beam (probably the toughest) with the floor to finish.  It is entirely likely this will come down to the last performance.

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