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Monday Musings - The Links Edition

Been a few weeks since I have been able to get one of these put out, but things have settled down a little bit this past weekend and so I will give this a quick run.  To tell you the truth, I spent so much time this past weekend getting results on Rock M Nation that I will just utilize all the smaller fanposts from the weekend to give you any additional information you might want.  So while I am in between loads of laundry and the Tailgate Queen is taking a nap, let's get to it.


We'll start here since there was some news this past week.  We bid Matt Eberflus goodbye and retool the coordinator and assistant positions from within.  I think this is a fair move at this stage in the game, especially based on the information I am hearing/reading about the demand growing for Barry Odom.  I can certainly speak myself about how impressed I have been with Odom in the position he has served the team, so I am glad to keep him in house and give him this opportunity, just as I was glad to see Coach Pinkel go outside to hire an up and comer like Henson.  And like The Boy, my beef (so to speak) with the defense this past season did not entirely rest with Coach E and the schemes, but the lack of communication within the units.  We'll see what a little fire and brimstone from Steck does for that.

And I was speaking with some family members today about the upcoming season and I really cannot express how intrigued, and therefore excited I am for spring ball to get here.  I am going to be VERY focused on the QB battle and think it is almost fun to get to go through the next two months of workouts, practices and scrimmages.  If the weather is good, I can almost see more people coming to the Spring Game because of the unknown than came last year to see the known.

Men's Basketball:

Not much going on for the week, and really not much to talk about.  Credit to CU for staying within shouting distance, but at this point you just need to get through games like this and Mizzou did exactly that.  Loved seeing Good Leo showing up, as who knows what we might be able to do with Good Leo and all the other parts firing coming down the home stretch (not that we have had to endure too much Bad Leo of late).  I feel good about Wednesday night's game only because Anderson has already displayed this year the ability to keep this team focussed from game to game (like the drubbing put on at Iowa State leading up to the Big Monday game with kU, as Anderson called the ISU game "Big Saturday").

No need to overthink/type/blog it at this point.  23-4/10-2 and top 10 in the nation.  I'll gladly take it, smile and enjoy.

Women's Basketball:

Quietly lost (somewhat, though I know The Boy linked to it at some point) was probably the win of the season for the ladies, as they defeated #13 kSU on Wednesday night by the final of 52-43.  Jessra Johnson started what would be a huge week for herself with 17 and 9 boards for the Tigers, who got down early but came back during the 1st half and then held kSU at bay the rest of the time.

Coming back on Saturday, the ladies travelled to Lincoln and lost to the Huskers 65-52.  Johnson was huge again, this time with a double-double of 23 and 11.

The Tigers are currently in a 4-way tie for last place in the conference with kU, NU and CU (the north is NOT strong this season).  This week they will face Texas at home before heading to CU this weekend for a big cellar-dweller game.  The ladies are 3-9 and 12-13 overall.

And while they have improved somewhat over the .377 shooting percentage of last season, .389 is still not getting it done.


Bring on the links!  Some will have just stories, while others will have some updates and finish with a brief wrap-up.  I figure I have already written it once; no need to do so again.  Just know the pitching of junior Jana Hainey, freshman Kristen Nottelmann and especially freshman Chelsea Thomas has been very impressive...and that does not even get to presumed starter Stacy Delaney who has only started one game so far.

Mizzou went a perfect 5-0 this weekend as they crushed their way to the Florida Atlantic Tournament Title.

Game #1 vs. FIU

Game #2 vs. FAU

Game #3 vs. Arkansas

Game #4 vs. FIU (again)

Game #5 vs. Providence

7 games on the docket this week, starting with a scheduled home twin-bill against SLU before heading to lovely San Diego for some big games against some good opponents, including a game against top 10 UCLA.  Still no word on the status of Rhea Taylor, though her replacement at the leadoff position (Shana White) was MVP of the tournament.


For as solid of a start as the softball has had, the baseball Tigers went almost in the complete opposite direction.  They were able to grab their first win of the season in their first game of the season against Nevada on Friday night as Gibson was solid but not spectacular on the mound while the Tigers cruised to a 12-1 win.  The team came back Saturday afternoon and as you can read here things started OK for Ian Berger, but quickly fell out of shape as the team went on to lose 9-3.  Sunday brought forth two more games, one against each previous opponent, and the Tigers dropped both.  They started the day losing 8-4 as Kelly Fick was not effective on the hill, and came back to lose the night cap to the Zags 13-9 as Nick Tepesch was evidently even worse.

The team is 1-3 and will head from Phoenix to Tempe this week.  They take on highly ranked Arizona State on Tuesday and Thursday before getting weekend action with Oregon State, Northern Illinois and a third game against the Sun Devils.  Tough 5 game stretch to try to turn around a tough first weekend.


Plenty of good information about the team's narrow loss to OU can be found here.

Overall, it was another all-around win for junior Sarah Shire, who took her SIXTH all-around title of the season with a very impressive 39.400.  Senior (and defending Big XII All-Around Champion) Adrienne Perry has been slowly gearing up as the season has gone along and came in right behind Shire with a very good 39.300.

For the Tigers, their all-around competitors are obviously quite solid, and they hit almost all of their routines for the evening.  The team is currently #13 and will likely stay there with the 196.225 showing.  They just need a little extra from their event specialists.  It literally comes down one less step here and one less little hop there.  Plenty of opportunity to still improve remains on the season, and their next meet is their annual Cat Classic this coming Friday evening.


Since I missed some tennis action last Saturday, I will go all the way back to then , as the Tigers knocked off the #70 ranked (yes, they rank them that high, and no, we are currently not ranked) SMU Mustangs in Dallas on Sunday by the score of 5-2.  The Tigers took the double point (there are three doubles matches and whichever team wins 2 of the 3 wins one point) and then 4 singles matches to earn the win.  Freshman impact player Jamie Mera won both her matches (#1 doubles and #3 singles), as did sophomore Kaitlyn Richie and senior Jessica Guigiolli.  The Tigers would also sweep Stephen F. Austin to get their record at that point to 4-2.

This past weekend, the Tigers took down the Drake Bulldogs 4-3 in Columbia.  Mizzou swept the doubles matches for the point, and adding singles wins were Jamie Mera at #3, freshman Danielle Day at #4 and sophomore Kaitlyn Richie at #5.  The Tigers were back in action before the weekend would close out, and would lose to Minnesota 5-2.  The Tigers had the doubles point in hand, up 7-4 (set is played to 8), but lost the deciding match 9-7 and lost the point.  Other matches were close, but the Gophers would prove to be too much.  Winning in doubles were Giuggioli and Ritchie, while taking wins in singles were Ritchie at #5 (playing very well of late evidently) and senior Sofia Ayala at #6.

The Tigers are now 5-3 on the season and will next take the court against Wisconsin at home on Friday, and then Big XII foe OU on Sunday.

Indoor Track:

With the Big XII Indoor Championships next weekend, the Tigers geared up to bring a pretty solid indoor season to a close with the Missouri Challenge.  Big news of the weekend came from junior Brian Hancock who won the pole vault with an NCAA-qualifying height.  Junior Nick Adcock, who is one of the best heptathletes out there also won the 60 meter hurdles this past weekend, while Krishna Lee continued her soild throwing season in bringing home more Tiger wins.

The teams head to College Station, TX next weekend for the Big XII Indoor Championships and BORDER BATTLE POINTS will be on the line.


No action this past weekend for the teams, but they will start on Wednesday with the Big XII Championships, which will be held in Columbia this season.  If you have never gone, do yourself a favor and get over there.  It is a fast track and there will certainly be some world-class talent in the pool.  And, with the women, BORDER BATTLE POINTS will be on the line.

Random Thoughts:

  • Martin Brodeur returns this week, needing only 8 wins to pass Patrick Roy for winningest goalie of all time.
  • I will say it again.  If you can get out and see this young man, DO IT!  I will defer on any and all music stuff to The Boy and Atchison, but I think I am going to go ahead and name him the official Blues Artist of Rock M Nation
  • I will say I dont like where the tags have gone, but I do like where the "More on RMN/SBN" section has gone
  • I really dont have much else in the way of random stuff....