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Mizzou Links, 2-23-09

Lots of wrapping-up to do from the weekend...

Basketball links!

Good Leo: Primed and ready.

To football, where Jeremy Maclin stumbled but didn't hurt his stock and other Tigers tried to make their mark...

  • The Trib: Maclin stumbles at Combine
  • KC Star: Mizzou's Maclin dinged up at Combine
  • KC Star: Crabtree's injury may boost Maclin's draft stock
  • Post-Dispatch: Maclin gains ground
  • The Missourian: Questions about transition face Tigers at NFL Scouting Combine

...and Matt Eberflus is officially a Brown (and Dave Steckel is all but officially the Defensive Coordinator).

  • The Trib: Browns announce Eberflus hiring
  • The Trib: Eberflus surprised by Browns

    Considering the Tigers’ struggles on defense last season — and the buyout clause in Eberflus’ contract — some have speculated that Pinkel might have orchestrated Eberflus’ interview in lieu of firing his coordinator. But sources have refuted that theory.

    “There were no closed-door talks that Gary wanted Matt to get another job this year. That never happened,” one person said. “If Gary wanted Matt to leave, he would fire him. He doesn’t play games like, ‘We’re going to help find you a job to get you out of here.’ Gary’s not like that.”

Baseball links!  A mighty forgettable weekend for Mizzou in Arizona...I don't believe giving up 30 runs in 3 games after a season-opening 12-1 win was the plan...

  • (Friday): Tigers impressive in season opening victory
  • (Saturday): Mizzou falls to Gonzaga, 9-3
  • (Sunday): Mizzou drops second straight game
  • (Sunday): Gonzaga hands Mizzou third loss in a row

Meanwhile, Mizzou Softball did as well as Mizzou Baseball did poorly...