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Mizzou Links, 2-24-09

With KU's win over OU last night, we jump back over to to look at the remaining game odds for Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma to determine the new odds for winning the Big 12.  Needless to say, KU seized control last night.

New odds:

KU wins Big 12: 78.1%
MU wins Big 12: 19.7%
OU wins Big 12: 2.2%

Why that big a change?  Because KP has Mizzou's odds of beating Oklahoma now up to 75% and KU's odds of beating Mizzou to 64% (from 60% over the weekend).  For all intents and purposes, Mizzou needs to win out to keep KU from winning another Big 12 title (and therefore Bill Self from winning Mike Anderson's damn coach of the year awards!).

Guess that means our Big 12 Tournament starts this Wednesday night.

Speaking of which...

Mizzou: good road team.

“What’s been the biggest difference on the road this year and on your first two? Now you’ve clinched at least a .500 record on the road with still two games to go?”

Missouri coach Mike Anderson provided a one-word answer.

“Players,” he said.

It's...Like Father, Unlike Son!

Kim English: poet, prophet.

Hey, did you hear that Mizzou's #8 now?

To football!  So with the Browns' official announcement of Matt Eberflus becoming their new LBs coach, our now-former defensive coordinator sat down one last time with Dave Matter for a chat.

BTS: How did Gary handle the situation?

Eberflus: He was really supportive the whole time. We’ve had many discussions about being a head coach, so we’ve discussed this in the past. He’s known that was something I’ve wanted to do for years. There were two paths for me that I’ve wanted to do, and that was to become a head coach in Division I or go to the NFL. He knew that right off and has known that for a long time. So it wasn’t a big surprise for him when I went in there to ask his permission to go. He was totally supportive.

BTS: How do you think Dave Steckel’s going to do following your footsteps as Missouri’s next coordinator?

BTS: Stec’s been waiting a long time to do this. He’s been a position coach for a while, but he was a coordinator on offense way back in the day (at Dickinson College in 1986-88). He’s great with the kids, and I think that’s a really good fit for him because he’s coached the linebackers and will obviously now be involved with the front and the coverage. I think he’ll be great. He’s very enthusiastic and energetic and very intelligent. He’ll do a great job. baseball!  After a cruddy first weekend to the season, Mizzou now gets to face even better competition starting tonight at 7:30 CST...

Finally...Max Scherzer: Ready to rock.