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Mizzou Links, 2-25-09

Big game tonight, huh?  K-State links!

  • KC Star: Time for Mizzou to pay back itself
  • KC Star: K-State's early win against MU has Cats confident about rematch
  • PowerMizzou: Tiller, Taylor look for redemption against K-State
  • The Missourian: Wildcats forward has plenty of experience
  • Post-Dispatch: Leo Lyons strives to make senior season special

Upon Further Review takes an early stab at an all-conference team.  I don't think I realized Damion James was doing quite that well...he's not on the all-con team, but he's pretty close.

Jeremy Maclin: doing just fine.

The Missourian checks in with diver-turned-kicker-turned-diver-turned-hopeful-NFL-kicker Jeff Wolfert.

Finally, Mizzou Baseball is now 1-4 after a tough 3-1 loss to #7 Arizona State last night.  Mizzou managed just seven hits (two from Ryan Lollis...oh yeah, and they struck out 15 times), but hey, they only gave up one unearned run...that's an improvement!  Next up: Arizona State again tomorrow night, then Oregon State, Northern Illinois, then Arizona State again to end the weekend.  Goodie.  The Missourian has (a bit) more, and Stripes and Seams (a blog from a beat writer--great stuff) will have more sometime this morning...