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Mizzou Links, 2-27-09 was another tight game down in the desert against Arizona State...and Mizzou Baseball lost once again, this time 2-1.  Kyle Gibson was sent out to try to end the losing streak, and he pitched well (7 IP, 8 K, 2 ER, 0 BB), but...yeah...Mizzou had 3 hits.  And 0 BB's.  You look at the pieces in place (Grey, Lollis, Senne, Coleman), and you think the offense can't be that bad, and it has to put it together soon...right?  In the meantime, Mizzou is now 1-5.  OUCH.  The Missourian has more...and The Missourian's Andrew DeWitt discusses things at Stripes & Seams.

Yes, Coleman is struggling early in the season especially at the plate. No, I don’t think it’s fair to blame him for the five game losing streak. He has a lot on his plate with calling all of the pitches now. I think it’s a fair argument that maybe Coach Jamieson or Coach Vitello should take over calling pitches for a game or two to reset this team.

To happier news...The Trib looks into just how well Mizzou Basketball's defense played Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, it's profile time!  The Missourian takes on J.T. Tiller, while the KC Star looks at Laurence Bowers.

"Commander Obvious" headline of the day: MU, KU have a lot on the line in Sunday's game.  Yes, you could say that.

"'It will be harder to beat Missouri at home than it was (trying) in Columbia,' " Self recalled saying on Thursday, "because Missouri didn't play well against us in Columbia."

The Tigers only won the first meeting 62-60 in the final seconds after a wretched 16-point first half. They'll get their chance to test Self's theory on Sunday in Lawrence, Kan., in a game of vast implications.

Eleventh-ranked Mizzou (24-4 overall, 11-2 Big 12) is in pursuit of KU (23-5, 12-1) for its first Big 12 championship.

Other potential ramifications are NCAA Tournament seeding and even site selection.

Finally, to Atch...I say yes, the 1994 MU-KU game was quite large (other articles here and here), but heading into the game Mizzou was 9-0 in conference and KU was 6-3.  I say this game's bigger!  Survey "biggest since 1990" meme sticks!

And don't forget...

Lots to talk about this weekend...