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Mizzou Links, 2-3-09

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One day till Signing Day!  PowerMizzou takes us down to the wire with who's left on the Mizzou hot board...and then puts up a couple stories on juniors (Marquise Hill, Rock Bridge's Chase Rome) whose recruiting processes have just begun.  Well, actually Hill's already ended, but you get the point...

A couple other links:

  • KC Star: Dalton (and Glaser) are welcome to QB Battle at Mizzou
  • Dallas Morning News: Class of 2004 proves recruiting is game of chance

Oh yeah, and Dave Matter and Joe Walljasper talk recruiting in this week's Trib Podcast.  Every time I think about beat writers covering recruiting, I think of what Mike Dearmond told The Beef and me way back when: "Recruiting's a giant pain in my ass."

Mizzou-Texas preview links!

Personally, I think we get the Horns' A-game just hoping we play well and still make it a game.

Finally, while we're talking basketball, check out Steve Walentik's Big 12 Basketball notes and the Missourian's report on Big 12 officiating in the wake of Pat Knight's temper tantrum...