Commitments as they come in...

Signing Day is upon us, and I will be doing my best to keep this thread updated.  I am taking information from today, as they are evidently posting names as they receive the faxes.  So far:

Blaine Dalton - QB (began classes a few weeks ago, but signed today I guess)

Ashton Glaser - QB (same as Dalton)

Alex Sanders - TE (evidently same as the two above, but this one was not known I do not believe)

Jarrell Harrison - DB (JUCO who finished in Dec. and has also been on campus)

Josh Tatum - LB (same as Harrison)

Mark Hill - OL

TJ Moe - DB

Andrew Wilson - LB

Lance Ray, who was commited to Arkansas but rumored heavily to be leaning towards Mizzou stayed with his commitment to Ark.

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