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Mizzou Links, 2-5-09

Wow.  I didn't see this one coming.  Mizzou has now lost at Lincoln and Manhattan, won at Stillwater and Austin.  We live in a strange world...but one thing is for certain about this world: in it, Mizzou's got a pretty damn solid basketball team.  What a nice win.  This erases the sting of the 2002 loss to Texas that ESPN Classic apparently showed yesterday.  Not the 2004 way.  But definitely 2002.  And how freaking clutch was that Zaire Taylor and-one...seriously.  Links!

You know it must have been a big basketball win if Signing Day got knocked from the top of this post.  That said...Signing Day links!

I'm separating this Signing Day link from the rest of the pack: PowerMizzou talked to each signee's lead recruiter for a quick quote on each player...a great read.

Ford on T.J. Moe: "T.J.'s a very impressive kid not only on the football field, but off the field. He's pretty persuasive. I love that kid. He's just a diamond. As Jack has, him and Jack have been on the phone, those two kids have been solid from the get-go, doing a lot of recruiting, talking to Sheldon and all the other guys as well. And he's a pretty special football player too. We're very, very excited about him. The one thing about him, he said, 'Coach, I'll play wherever you want me to play. I just want an opportunity to play. What's an area for me to get on the field and what can I do for the football team.' That's the kind of kid he is."


Steckel on Marvin Foster: "Marvin is a little bit like Ziggy Hood when I recruited Ziggy. Every time I go back and see Marvin, he's five, ten pounds heavier. When I recruited Ziggy, he was 235. He left here at 300, you know. Marvin's got a head start on him because when I started recruiting Marvin he was 250. Last week, he was 260. He's coming. He's really great inside the box, great quickness off the ball. He's my little high school miniature Warren Sapp, he can come off the ball and change direction, create havoc, gets double teamed and stuff inside there. Hopefully, he'll be able to be a big Warren Sapp."

Finally, this is pretty random, but it was nice to read--it's a letter to the editor in the Trib thanking Chase Daniel for his contributions to Mizzou.