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Championship Week, Day Eight

Three more conference finals, and the epic, five-day Big East tournament gets started...sweet...and it starts right now!

Horizon League Finals (at Butler)

1 Butler v. 3 Cleveland State (7:00 pm on ESPN)

Summit League Finals (in Sioux Falls)

1 North Dakota State v. 3 Oakland (6:00 pm on ESPN2)

Sun Belt Finals (in Hot Springs)

1 Western Kentucky v. 6 South Alabama (8:00 pm on ESPN2)

Big Sky Semifinals (at Weber State)

2 Portland State v. 6 Montana State (6:00 pm)
1 Weber State v. 4 Idaho State (8:30 pm)

Big East Round One (at MSG)

9 Cincinnati v. 16 DePaul (11:00 am)
12 Georgetown v. 13 St. John's (1:00 pm)
10 Notre Dame v. 15 Rutgers (6:00 pm)
11 Seton Hall v. 14 South Florida (8:00 pm)

MAC Round One (in Cleveland)

7 Central Michigan v. 10 Eastern Michigan (11:00 am)
6 Kent State v. 11 Northern Illinois (1:00 pm)
8 Western Michigan v. 9 Ohio (3:00 pm)
5 Akron v. 12 Toledo (5:00 pm)

MEAC Round One (in Raleigh)

7 Hampton v. 10 Delaware State (5:30 pm)
8 Florida A&M v. 9 Howard (8:00 pm)

WAC Round One (in Reno)

8 Hawaii v. 9 Fresno State (9:30 pm)

Games of the Day

Butler v. Cleveland State
CSU can beat Butler, and that would mean one less bubble spot, as Butler's in regardless.

NDSU v. Oakland / WKU v. USA
Winner dances!

Georgetown v. St. John's
Because a) with two wins, Georgetown could be put right back on the bubble, deservedly or not, and b) one of these days, St. John's is going to be relevant again.  I say it's today!!  (I've always liked them for some reason...go Johnnies!)