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Mizzou Links, 3-10-09

A late and quick-and-dirty Links this morning, as the Internet at my place got destroyed by the nuclear bomb-level thunder and lightning show last night...massive storms on the day you're closing on a house is a good omen, right?  Ri...right?  My wife is already trying to figure out what happens if we get to the house this afternoon, and there's a fallen tree on the roof or something...good times...anyway...

The Big 12 North: better than expected.

Leo Lyons: saying the right things.

Steve Walentik: handing out awards (and notebookin') previewing the Big 12 tourney.

PowerMizzou: ready for spring football.

Chelsea Thomas: Big 12 Softball Pitcher of the Week.  We've got a good one in this freshman...

Mizzou Baseball: ready to start rolling.

Nick Tepesch: rolling after one bad start.

Finally...Rick Sutcliffe: honorary Tiger?