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Feel it?  Feel those chills?  Spring Practice is officially upon us with the first depth chart of March.

Here are some quick thoughts...and lord knows I'm not going to spend too many brain cells on this, as it means nothing and all the newbies are listed below the walk-ons...

  • No Beau Brinkley anywhere on here.  Don't know if that means that he's not around anymore, or if he's not even pretending to be anything other than a long-snapper (and there are no long snappers here)...just noticed it.
  • Actually, I just answered my own question.  He's on the spring roster, so there you go.
  • New best name: Mukai Matsiga.
  • I'm not sure I knew La'Roderick Thomas was hurt.
  • Brian Coulter is apparently injured for the spring, but that's fine...I want to see as much of Aldon Smith as I possibly can.
  • George White: still 250 pounds after a redshirt season.  Not optimistic about his future.  Pretty hard to make it as a 250-pound DT in 2009...maybe 1979, but not 2009...
  • I think I'm going to really like our LBs this year.  'Spoon, Lambert and Gachkar make a pretty good starting three even if Ebner and Tatum don't make strides...and if they do make strides, look out...
  • Is it bad that I got a slight sense of dread when I saw Hardy Ricks' name atop the Strong Safety list?  I really want to see Zaviar Gooden, or Jarrell Harrison, or Jasper Simmons at the top of that list at the end of August.
  • LOTS of names battling for a starting corner spot...going to be fun to watch the battle.