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Mizzou Links, 3-11-09

Once again, there's no internet at Casa Boy...starting to get REALLY annoying (after just 30 hours) so we're going to quickly crank through the major links for the day...

So Monday night's Rock M Podcast (Rock Mp3 Nation?  Fastest 40 Minutes on the Internet?) wasn't enough for you?  Need more podcast?  Steve Walentik and Joe Walljasper have just what you need.  Walentik also has a nice tourney primer for you as well.

The P-D's Vahe Gregorian takes a look back at a crazy, crazy season in Big 12 basketball...

God, it's great having Dave Matter back in my life.  Read his first of many lengthy spring practice reports here.  Here's an interesting blurb to wet the palate...

  • Lots of work on special teams on Tuesday, including a round of punting from an unlikely candidate: freshman quarterback Ashton Glaser. I think Jake Harry's job is safe after a strong 2008 debut season, but Glaser can really punch the ball. Henson, by the way, appears to be coaching the punters.

  • Speaking of Glaser, don't count on reading any quotes from him or the other newcomers anytime soon. Glaser, fellow freshman quarterback Blaine Dalton, freshman linebacker Andrew Wilson, freshman tight end Alex Sanders and junior college transfers Josh Tatum and Jarrell Harrison are off limits to reporters indefinitely, perhaps through all of spring. and PowerMizzou have more football for you.  Oh yeah, and Matter has a real article up as well.

Finally, Mizzou Baseball is back to within one game of .500 after an 18-4 crushing of Western Illinois in, uhh, unbaseballlike conditions at Taylor Stadium last was awfully cold and awfully windy in Como, and the official attendance (104!) reflects just that...but hey, 104 people got to see nine different Tigers drive in a run (led by Steve Gray's 3 RBIs...looks like Gray's putting things together) and seven of nine Tiger pitchers pitch a scoreless inning.  So...bully for that!  PowerMizzou and the Maneater (cough cough Uribe cough) have more.