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Mizzou Links, 3-12-09

Well I'll be damned...I'll admit it--I stopped paying attention to ATM-Tech at halftime.  I rule.  And more importantly, ghtd36 and I can never do another podcast during a game.  Crazy crap happens after we're done...

That's right--Texas Tech 88, Texas A&M 83.  It was 50-29 ATM 20 seconds into the second half, and after Tech cut the lead to 14, Mike Singletary took over.  You know how ATM thought about losing to Mizzou last weekend but held on after almost blowing a 25-point lead?  Well, apparently Mizzou lost because they didn't have Mike Singletary.  Here are Singletary's buckets in the second half.

  • 13:03 left: layup (56-44 ATM)
  • 12:22: jumper (58-46 ATM)
  • 9:35: layup (60-52 ATM)
  • 7:48: two free throws (65-54 ATM)
  • 7:04: jumper (65-56 ATM)
  • 6:09: three-pointer (65-59 ATM)
  • 5:15: three-pointer (67-62 ATM)
  • 4:28: and-one (67-65 ATM)
  • 3:41: one of two FTs (67-66 ATM)
  • 3:19: one of two FTs (69-67 ATM)
  • 2:46: and-one (71-70 ATM)
  • 2:21: two free throws (73-72 ATM)
  • 1:37: three-pointer (75-75)
  • 1:09: layup (79-78 Tech)
  • 0:03: two free throws (88-83 Tech)

That, boys and girls, is how you score 29 consecutive points for your team and 35 in a half.  That's also how you move on in the conference tournament.

So with that out of the way...Mizzou-Tech (or Mizzou-tourney) links!

And just in case you didn't see it in the comments, here's rptgwb's ongoing "Tourney Tracker" blog at the Maneater.

The Missourian has a nice piece on Justin Safford and his recent emergence.

Quickly to football, where boot camp has begun in Columbia, and Dave Steckel is putting his stamp on the defense.

Quickly to football recruiting, where the first Rivals 100 for the 2010 class is out.  Two nearby prospects: #43 Justin McCay (ATH from Bishop Miege) and #51 Nick Demien (big OL from Timberland).

Finally...quickly to other sports: Mizzou Softball beat Northern Iowa, 2-1, last night.  They were powered by a 2-run single by Gina Schneider and another strong effort from pitcher Chelsea Thomas.  (The Missourian has more.)  Also: here's the official story on Mizzou Wrestling's 8 national qualifiers.