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Rock-M-tology: March 13

What a mess this bracket is right now.  The top seeds are a big mush, and really there are about 12 undeserving teams on the bubble, 4-6 of which will actually make the tourney.

No more overrated/underrated...we know who I think is too high or too low at this point.

Last 8 In

Boston College
San Diego State
Penn State
South Carolina

First 8 Out

St. Mary's
New Mexico

Really don't know how to differentiate between Florida, Arizona, and Maryland at this point.  If UF or the Terps keep winning, I guess they get it.  Or if they all lose and Temple makes the A10 finals, maybe they sneak in...either way, I don't understand Lunardi's New Mexico fasination.  I didn't understand it before they lost to Wyoming, and I REALLY don't understand it now.  But that's all I'll say about Lunardi's latest bracket--it makes no sense whatsoever.

By Conference

Big Ten - 8
Big East - 7
ACC - 6
Big 12 - 6
Pac-10 - 4
Mountain West - 4
SEC - 4
Atlantic 10 - 2
Horizon - 2

The Bracket

South Regional (Memphis)

1 North Carolina v. 16 CS-Northridge
8 Marquette v. 9 Texas A&M
in Greensboro

5 Gonzaga v. 12 Penn State
4 Xavier v. 13 VCU
in Portland

6 Purdue v. 11 Florida
3 Kansas v. 14 Portland State
in Kansas City

7 BYU v. 10 Boston College
2 Villanova v. 15 Morgan State
in Philadelphia

West Regional (Glendale, AZ)

1 Louisville v. 16 Radford
8 Tennessee v. 9 Ohio State
in Miami

5 Clemson v. 12 UNLV
4 Washington v. 13 North Dakota State
in Portland

6 West Virginia v. 11 Western Kentucky
3 Missouri v. 14 Stephen F. Austin
in Minneapolis

7 Utah v. 10 Wisconsin
2 Memphis v. 15 East Tennessee State
in Dayton

Midwest Regional (Indianapolis)

1 Michigan State v. 16 Play-In Winner (Morehead State / Chattanooga)
8 Oklahoma State v. 9 Dayton
in Minneapolis

5 Syracuse v. 12 Northern Iowa
4 UCLA v. 13 Cleveland State
in Boise

6 Arizona State v. 11 Michigan
3 Duke v. 14 Robert Morris Rock M U
in Greensboro

7 Texas v. 10 Utah State
2 UConn v. 15 Cornell
in Philadelphia

East Regional (Boston)

1 Pittsburgh v. 16 Alabama State
8 California v. 9 Siena
in Dayton

5 Illinois v. 12 South Carolina
4 Florida State v. 13 American
in Boise

6 LSU v. 11 San Diego State
3 Wake Forest v. 14 Binghamton
in Miami

7 Butler v. 10 Minnesota
2 Oklahoma v. 15 Bowling Green
in Kansas City

My At-First-Glance Final Four

North Carolina, Memphis, UConn, Pittsburgh

Second glance: Villanova, Louisville, UConn, Wake Forest

Missouri's inevitable path to destiny (ahem)

Stephen F. Austin, West Virginia, Memphis, Louisville, North Carolina, UConn