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Mizzou Links, 3-17-09

As rpt mentioned in comments last night, what a difference a year makes.  One great season, and suddenly Mike Anderson has seen his reputation skyrocket just like Gary Pinkel did not too long ago.  They're just like peas and carrots...

"He had to transition people, make them disciplined," Pinkel said. "And the kids that walk around, his kids are just great. I mean, there's a huge difference in that transition right there and how great those kids are. Anybody can figure that out."

"Oh, that's what you want to hear. That's the thing that really excites me," Anderson said. "I hear it not only from the coaches, I hear it from the people. Administrators, at the grocery store, professors. That just says we got the right kids here. And I think with all the things we went through, I think that's probably a by-product of it. Our kids have seen what's taken place and they want to change that image."

And as with the football program in 2007, the basketball program has won back the fans in a major way.

Cornell Links!

The Post-Dispatch's Bill Coats takes a look at how Mizzou's freshmen have helped turned the tide for the basketball program.

The Missourian drops the "D" word...

Quickly to football, where PowerMizzou breaks down the spring cornerback battle.

Stacy Delaney (softball) and Kyle Gibson (baseball): Big 12 Pitchers of the Week.

Finally, six Mizzou wrestlers were given Top 6 seeds--and therefore strong All-American opportunities--for the NCAA Championships.  They are #2 Mark Ellis, #5 Raymond Jordan, #5 Nick Marable, #5 Marcus Hoehn, #6 Max Askren, and #6 Michael Chandler.