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It's The Fastest 40 Minutes in Podcasting!

For our first NCAA Tourney Preview podcast, we brought in a hired gun: SleepyFloyd7, known to the outside world as Spencer Kane, co-host of KFRU's The Closers.  So if you have been thinking about listening to The Fastest 40 Minutes but can't stomach the thought of listening to me talk for that long, realize that at least one of us on the podcast is an official radio personality.

Join Sleepy and myself as we...

  1. ...gush about Mizzou's run through the Big 12 Tournament.
  2. ...gush about how likable this Mizzou team is.
  3. ...apologize for how freaking loud my cat is (yes, she was at it again).
  4. ...preview Mizzou-Cornell.
  5. ...preview what is hopefully a second round game.
  6. ...confidently predict the rest of the bracket.
  7. ...admit that The Boy's mom has won more tourney pools than The Boy.
  8. ...fade out to a song NOT involved in any way with the NHL (first time for everything)!

Direct mp3 download link