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Mizzou Links, 3-19-09

First things first: it does indeed look like has got the tourney games going.  Don't know for sure how well the connection will do, but if CBS's connection is faltering or freezing up for you, head on over to the greatest website ever...

We start with a lovely "Tiger timeline" from the KC Star.

Aug. 30-Sept. 1, 2008

In Ontario, Canada — first at Brock University in St. Catharines, and then in Toronto — the new group tastes victory. In three exhibition wins on a summer Canadian jaunt, belief hints at a coming reality.

“When we were in Canada, you could see the upside of our team,” Lyons says.

Particularly the upside of the new kids on the block. Junior Zaire Taylor starts to show his defensive prowess with five steals in the second game and eight in the third. Marcus Denmon scores 23 points on eight-of-11 shooting in game two.

“Our starting five came out and it was like we never left,” Lyons says. “The young guys, they wanted to play, wanted it just as bad as we did.”

Today's tourney links!

Has anybody enjoyed this season more than DeMarre Carroll?  Steve Walentik says no.  Great feature.

Today's football links!

  • Dave Matter: Catching up with Brian Coulter (dude LOVES Aldon Smith)
  • PowerMizzou: Gilbert Moye: Ready to Run

How far has Mizzou Athletics come over the last 15 years?  The Missourian takes a look.

Mizzou Wrestling links!

Finally, as Uribe was reporting last night, Mizzou Baseball beat SIU-Edwardsville, 4-1, last night.  A 2-run Ryan Lollis triple gave Mizzou the cushion they needed in the fourth, and ELEVEN Mizzou pitchers got the job done on the mound.  Interestingly, Ian Berger started and pitched an inning.  Don't know if that says anything about the weekend rotation or not (he did only pitch an inning), but we'll see.  Mizzou is once again back to 9-10.  A home series win against a good ATM team this weekend would get them to .500, likely for good (a sweep would get them over).  PowerMizzou and The Missourian have more.  Oh yeah, and trripleplay looks at MU in the minors.  Oh yeah, and...yeah.