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Mizzou Links, 3-24-09

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More Mizzou-Marquette links!

Anybody see anything wrong with this picture and this caption?

Mizzou-Memphis links!

  • Post-Dispatch: Old foes set for familiar matchup
  • Post-Dispatch (Bernie): Missouri's road through NCAA Tournament gets rougher
  • KC Star: Mizzou sees a lot of itself when it studies Memphis
  • KC Star (Mike Dearmond vlog): Comparing the Tigers


(By the way, 'Bama might not wait around...)

Quickly to football recruiting, where this class is shaping up in a weird manner: one commit from Missouri, a third commit from Texas.

The KC Star pats Mizzou National Champ Mark Ellis on the back...

And finally, this is almost getting boring.  Once again, Kyle Gibson: Big 12 Pitcher of the Week.