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Championship Week, Day One

That's right, the 13 days that constitute "Championship Week" start today!  Three conference tournaments kickoff today, with another two tomorrow.  Because it entertains me (and that's all that really matters), I'm going to try to keep up with each day's slate...

Big South Quarterfinals

8 High Point at 1 Radford (6:00 pm)
5 Winthrop at 4 UNC-Asheville (6:00 pm)
6 Gardner-Webb at 3 Liberty (6:00 pm)
7 Coastal Carolina at 2 VMI (6:00 pm)

Horizon League Round One

9 Valparaiso at 4 Wright State (6:00 pm)
7 UI-Chicago at 6 Youngstown State (6:00 pm)
10 Detroit at 3 Cleveland State (6:00 pm)
8 Loyola-IL at 5 Milwaukee (7:00 pm)

Ohio Valley Quarterfinals

5 Eastern Kentucky at 4 Morehead State (6:30 pm)
8 Tennessee Tech at 1 UT-Martin (7:00 pm)
7 Eastern Illinois at 2 Austin Peay (7:00 pm)
6 Tennessee State at 3 Murray State (7:30 pm)

Games of the Day:

Gardner-Webb at Liberty
Anytime there's a Curry brother involved, there's reason to pay attention (not that you actually can, because none of these games are televised, not even on

Detroit at Cleveland State
Projecting forward, Cleveland State is good enough to give Butler a run if the two should meet up later in the tourney.  Butler's in whether they win the Horizon tourney or not, therefore Cleveland State is a potential bid spoiler for the teams teetering on the very edge of the bubble (Maryland, Virginia Tech, I'm looking in your direction).