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Learfield Sports (formally Sears) Cup Standings Updated 3/26

Almost on queue with Andy~01's post about Mike Alden and the improvement in our athletic programs comes an update of the scores.  This update does include wrestling/swimming/track but does NOT include Men's Basketball or gymnastics for Mizzou.  Obviously, the school will receive some solid points there (all the better of the lady Tigers can advance past the Regional this weekend).  In the spring, we should expect to see points in Softball, Men's and Women's Outdoor Track and probably women's golf, while likely getting shut-out in men's golf, baseball (sorry to say) and women's tennis (as well as women's basketball from the winter).

So where does Mizzou stand with its conference opponents and other local teams if interest?.....

....the best we probably have ever been.


Also know we SHOULD be getting about 73 points for the Elite 8 run (it is what Davidson received last year). 

Where are some conference and local rivals?

Texas – 7th

Illinois – 17th

Nebraska – 18th

aTm – 22nd

Mizzou – 27th

TTech – 32nd

Okie State – 39th

CU – 43rd

Iowa State – 49th

OU – 58th

kU – 62nd

Baylor – 82nd

SLU – 92nd

kSU -113th

SMS – 180th

Can we finish inside the top 25?  I think we stand a very good chance at this point based on how we SHOULD finish in our other sports.