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Rock M Nation Bracket Contest Update: Pre-Final 4 Update

Alright...only three games left on the college season, and plenty of action remaining in the Rock M Nation Bracket Contest.  The funny thing is our current leader will not be the winner....and no one near the top picked 'Nova to win it all:-)

Anyway, here is the top 10 as it stands.  Bracket
By some quick math, only a handful of people can be the winner right now.  Tigerpride, tigerfan1,mizzouka1839, phe4g6 and mutiger12 cannot win because of people leading them with the same championship game.  So that leaves us with solidpit, Transmogrified, cchstove, SoDakYotes and DKMizzou as potential winners depending on how the last three games break.

Other parties of interest:

  • The chalked bracket is 16th
  • rpt is 22nd
  • The Beef is 51st
  • The Boy is 65th
  • We will never speak of who finished in last....NEVER