Memphis talking to Mike Anderson?

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According to a St. Louis-area sports station, the University of Kentucky has hired Calipari to a seven-year contract worth over $30 million.  The University of Memphis has, in turn, told Mike Anderson not to sign anything before the two parties have a chance to talk.  I love Mike Anderson and I think that Missouri will routinely be in the Sweet 16 with him at the helm, but I am virtually certain he would leave Missouri for Memphis.  Especially since Memphis is likely to surpass the $1.5 million cap that Missouri has allegedly placed on Anderson's new contract.

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UPDATE 2: Since there was another post about the same thing, the link from that post has been moved into this one to try to streamline where the chatter is.

Live Feed of Memphis News Discussing Potential Coaching Changes

UPDATE 3: PowerMizzou is reporting that as of 3:30pm, Memphis had not yet contacted Missouri for permission to talk to Anderson.  Who knows what may happen in the next few days, but we probably shouldn't jump the gun with speculation based off of inaccurate information.

UPDATE 4: Really...just to appeal to the ridiculous nature of this whirlwind, evidently new-kid-on-the-St. Louis sports radio-block 101.1 ESPN is reporting Anderson's agent is currently meeting with Georgia's AD.

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