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RMN adds an author

Heading into the heart of Mizzou baseball season and the long, long offseason that follows, we figured it was time to breathe some life into RMN by bringing in some new blood, or at least recycling some blood with which RMNers are very familiar.

That's right.

You know him and love him as a standout commenter.

You envy his position as Rock M Nation's resident GIFmaster.

You're sick of hearing him talk about the Texas Rangers.

Ladies and gentlemen, RMN is proud to welcome ghtd36 as its newest front page writer.

The correct response you're looking for is "WOOOOOOO!!!!"

For those unfamiliar with ghtd36's fine work, we pardon you for your ignorance and direct you to two series that have helped define his existence at Rock M: The Sooner Disrespect Chronicles and Better Know an Opponent.