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Anatomy of a Magical Season on RMN: Non-conference edition!

Call it nostalgia, call it not letting go, call it "not ready to focus on the diamond sports yet." Whatever you call it, we're not ready to let this past basketball season die. This is the first of a three-part installment that will look at the magical season that was, as seen through the archives of posts, FanPosts, FanShots and comments on RMN. Today's installment takes a look at the non-conference portion of the season.

  • Oct. 29: RMN's basketball pants begin tingling with Marcus Denmon's 36-point explosion in the Black and Gold game. Turd Ferguson's FanPost notes a "pretty good home schedule." All sane human beings see the schedule and expect at least one home loss. SleepyFloyd, who coached the Gold team, must rebuild his self-confidence from scratch after Beau Beyman and Kevin Lewis' team take the KFRU team to the woodshed. 
  • Nov. 15: Missouri beats Prairie View A&M 86-65 in the season opener, a game no one cares about because it immediately precedes Mizzou football's North division-clinching win against Iowa State. The biggest revelation? The appearance of The Ladies Man on PVAMU's roster.
  • Nov. 17: Mizzou drills Chattanooga at Mizzou Arena. However, the Live Thread is taken over by Scoops Callahan and MCBoomofDoom's Skittle Drank.
  • Nov. 20: RMN has its first real controversy of the basketball season, as Mizzou's inability to hit free throws in a loss to Xavier pits The Beef's "This is Anderson's fault" camp against Calim and my "How is that his fault?" camp. At this point, we realize RMN has presided over some pretty damn good times to have been able to avoid a lot of arguments like these.
  • Nov. 21: MIssouri beats Fairfield. Thanks to an extension for Gary Pinkel, no one seems to care.
  • Nov. 23: Mizzou gets a BIG non-conference win over USC, but the most interesting moment in the Live Thread is a USC fan stopping by to thank our "thugs" for injuring a Trojan. Laurence Bowers = thug? 
  • Nov. 30: Mizzou's win over Oral Roberts precedes The Boy's first statistical review of the season and the debut of "Jaureth Bamford" (Justin Safford, Laurence Bowers, Keith Ramsey).
  • Dec. 2: Arkansas-Pine Bluff gets beaten with an ugly stick by Missouri at Mizzou Arena. The 26-comment Live Thread is RMN-speak for "Nobody cares." MCBoomofDoom reiterates his irrational hate of Matt Lawrence in the statistical review.

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Coming tomorrow: Anatomy of a Magical Season on RMN: Conference Edition!