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Mizzou Links, 3-31-09

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Before we get to any of the coaching drama that has been dominating most Mizzou fans' thoughts over the last couple of days (and while we're sorry for the soap opera-ish thread from yesterday afternoon, it kind of has to be addressed to some degree, right?), here are a few more "What a great season!" links:

  • (AP): Denied Final Four trip, Missouri looks to future
  • The Maneater: Still proud to be a Tiger (duh!  Always proud to be a Tiger!)
  • The Trib: Senior class restores pride
  • PowerMizzou: Like Father, Unlike Son: The Future
  • KC Star: Season Review photo gallery (below is one of the many beauts in the gallery...)


Alright, now that we've happily reminisced some more, I guess we should dip our toe back in the Calipari soap opera.  And I would like to point out two comments from last night that everybody should keep in mind.  First, Atch points out that basically any assertion that Memphis has gotten permission from Missouri to talk to Anderson is fundamentally false and should be ignored, for one simple reason: Memphis still has a coach at this exact moment.  You don't get permission to talk to a replacement until your guy officially leaves.  Second, stuckinstl12 does the math and talks about how while Memphis might be able to pay Mike Anderson more in the short-term if it came to that, job security would certainly be an issue.  Dude's got a job for life here at this point if he wants it, and that adds up...

Quickly to baseball, where Johnny Wholestaff shut OSU yesterday and Mizzou salvaged a win in the 3-game series.  Good old Johnny Wholestaff...

Yawn, another week, another Mizzou Softballer named Big 12 Pitcher of the Week...old hat at this point...

Finally, yeah...BOTC brought the humor yesterday...For the love of Christ. Get off of Toby Keith...