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Championship Week, Day Three

One of the first week's more entertaining tourneys--the MVC--starts today.  So we've got that going for us...which is nice!

Missouri Valley Round One (in St. Louis)

8 Drake v. 9 Indiana State (6:05 pm)
7 Wichita State v. 10 SMS Missouri State (8:35 pm)

Atlantic Sun Quarterfinals (in Nashville)

3 Belmont v. 6 Mercer (2:30 pm)
4 Lipscomb v. 5 Campbell (8:30 pm on ESPN360)

Northeast Conference Quarterfinals

8 St. Francis (NY) at 1 Robert Morris (6:00 pm)
5 Quinnipiac at 4 Long Island (6:00 pm)
6 Central Connecticut State at 3 Sacred Heart (6:00 pm)
7 Wagner at 2 Mt. St. Mary's (6:00 pm)

Big South Semifinals (at Radford)

2 VMI v. 3 Liberty (5:00 pm)
1 Radford v. 4 UNC-Asheville (7:00 pm)

Games of the Day

St. Francis (NY) at Robert Morris
Because RMU is, for obvious reasons, the official small school of Rock M Nation.  Go Rock M U!

VMI v. Liberty
As mentioned in another Championship Week post, the Big South is pretty interesting this year, with at least three quality teams (Radford, VMI, Liberty) and lots of personality.  VMI (first to 100 points, wins) and Liberty (home of a Curry brother!) have quite a bit of that personality.