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Mizzou Links, 3-6-09

We start this Friday  That's right.  Yesterday was the first Pro Day at Mizzou, and while quite a few former Tigers noticeably didn't go, a few did.  And nobody helped their case more than Tommy Saunders (who caught every ball in a one-mile radius) and William Moore (who ran a 4.39).  PowerMizzou and Dave Matter have good coverage.  From Matter...

Saunders bench pressed 225 pounds 31 times. (The most reps any receiver at the combine put up was 27, by North Carolina’s Brooks Foster. In fact, Saunders benched more reps than any linebacker at the combine. I guess all those pushups are paying off.)


After the testing drills, Patton and Saunders worked together on a variety of passing routes. Saunders made the play of the day on a deep pass near the end zone, laying out in a full dive and making the grab. By the way, since the season Saunders has clipped a good six inches off his hair, which might have cut a few tenths off his speed times.

Lots of great stuff in both articles.  Plus, the KC Star takes a nice look at Chase Patton.

Dying for 2010 football recruiting news?  The latest speculation on DeMarcus Cousins?  The number it might take to keep Mike Anderson?  Visit...THE CHAMBER!!!

Alright, to basketball.  Apologies to Mitch Holtus, whose "call Mizzou Arena 'The Wood Chipper'" meme didn't really catch on...but the "Mizzou Arena as House of Horrors" meme did.  Both The Trib and KC Star address the sudden emergence of Mizzou Arena as a ridiculously tough place to play.  From the Star...

“This team responds to their fans,” MU coach Mike Anderson said. “The louder that place gets, the better our team plays.

“You want this to be a pit. You want this to be a place where, when people come here, they fear coming in here to play in Mizzou Arena.”

Meanwhile the P-D takes a look not at Mizzou's home dominance, but just the simple fact that Mizzou is a damn good team.  And The Maneater takes a look at what couldn't have been a better senior sendoff.

So it appears the Border War is now extending of the year honors.

Finally, while we eagerly await The Beef's preview, check out the official release about the Big 12 Wrestling ChampionshipsThe Maneater takes a look as well.

And as always...