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Championship Week, Day Seven

Only eight games on the docket today, but we're going for quality here, not quantity--FOUR conference finals, three of them on an ESPN network, and all four on  Yes, yes, yes.

Colonial Finals

1 VCU v. 2 George Mason (6:00 pm on ESPN2 and

Southern Conference Finals

N1 Chattanooga v. S3 College of Charleston (6:00 pm on ESPN and

MAAC Finals

1 Siena v. 2 Niagara (8:00 pm on ESPN2 and

West Coast Finals

1 Gonzaga v. 2 St. Mary's (8:00 pm on ESPN and

Summit Semifinals

1 North Dakota State v. 5 Southern Utah (6:00 pm)
3 Oakland v. 7 South Dakota State (8:30 pm)

Sun Belt Semifinals

1 Western Kentucky v. 4 North Texas (6:30 pm on ESPN360)
2 UA-Little Rock v. 6 South Alabama (9:00 pm on ESPN360)

Games of the Day

Gonzaga v. St. Mary's
Is St. Mary's in?  Does the return of Patty Mills make them look a lot better in the committee's eyes?  It won't matter if they knock off the Zags in Vegas tonight.  This should be a barn-burner.

Siena v. Niagara
The Saints are the favorite tonight, but a loss to Niagara shouldn't knock them out of tourney consideration.  I have them safely in at the moment, and Niagara (#51 RPI) is pretty damn solid in their own right.  I'm annoyed that this is on opposite Zag/Mary's instead of at 6pm so I could watch both in their entirety.

VCU v. George Mason, Chattanooga v. Charleston
Winner dances.  Plus, VCU/GMU is always a fun game.