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It's the Rock M Nation Weekly Podcast! On a Monday!

Our schedules are all sorts of messed up this week, what with trips to Oklahoma and color consultations on the horizon, so rptgwb and I sat down tonight to crank through what constitutes a Big 12 Tournament Preview podcast of sorts.  Along the way, our topics include...

  1. A new theme song!
  2. A 'name this podcast' contest (okay..."contest" suggests there's a winner of sorts--we'll just say a 'we need help naming this podcast' plea).
  3. The Boy rambling pointlessly about the NCAA Tourney committee
  4. Texas's identity crisis
  5. ATM's split personality
  6. Acceptance that Baylor is bad and Oklahoma State is good
  7. Coin tosses
  8. Hints at a Meme Madness
  9. The evil that is Cole Aldrich
  10. Blake Griffin's 40 & 25 in the Big 12 finals
  11. Much, much more!  (Seriously, we went on forever.)

Direct mp3 download link

Be on the lookout for a SECOND podcast later this week, but in the meantime, we need help naming this thing!