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Anatomy of a Magical Season on RMN: Conference Edition!

Photo courtesy: Kansas City Star


Call it nostalgia, call it not letting go, call it "not ready to focus on the diamond sports yet." Whatever you call it, we're not ready to let this past basketball season die. This is the second of a three-part installment that will look at the magical season that was, as seen through the archives of posts, FanPosts, FanShots and comments on RMN. Today's installment takes a look at the conference portion of the season.

  • Jan. 10: Momentum and good feelings take a back seat after Mizzou opens up Big 12 play with a loss in Lincoln. The Good Leo/Bad Leo images make their debut. The Boy writes his "Mike Anderson v. Doc Sadler" post to talk Missouri fans off the ledge.
  • Jan. 12: Very Bad Leo, as SleepyFloyd hammers home.
  • Jan. 14: Mizzou spanks Colorado in a game that was 42 percent safe at halftime.
  • Jan. 17: Mizzou beats Iowa State, and the nickname of "Hustle and Flow" is developed for Tiller and Taylor.
  • Jan. 21: Missouri runs out to the best start imaginable in Stillwater, and systematically tries to choke the game away. I can't pull any singular comment from the Live Thread, as you simply need to go back and watch the progression from "YAY!" to "WTF?!?!" to "YAY!" for yourself. Atchison breaks down his feelings by percentage, and The Boy gets to penning "Statistical WHEW."
  • Jan. 24: Missouri beats Texas Tech, and much like the basketball team, RMN goes about its business in unspectacular workmanlike fashion. In the recap post, The Boy complains about his poll votes receiving less votes than the "Is Hilary Swank hot?" poll.

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  • Jan. 28: Mizzou plays the role of Hans Moleman in its loss to Kansas State.
  • Jan. 31: In the season's most important game to date, Missouri picks up a huge win over a still-viable Baylor squad in Leo's 30-point return to the starting lineup. The football team gets honored and The Boy gets to drop a Sex Panther reference.
  • Feb. 4: The Tigers travel to Austin, where we get King Ron, a block from Matt Lawrence (?!?), comparisons between the Frank Erwin Center and flan, and a special win for Texas-dwelling RMNers. Oh yeah, and the legend of Zaire Taylor's ascent to "Mr. Coffee" officially begins.
  • Feb. 7: MU hits 20 wins with a victory in Ames. Jaeger posts this awesome photo.
  • Feb. 9: So, um, this happened. Including this. And this. And this. And this. The Boy said this. We laughed at this. I praised myself for this headline. We rewatched thisThis boxing analogy meme is born. This meme becomes official. Other than that, nothing really happened.
  • Feb. 14: The revenge tour kicks off with a win over Nebraska. Ramsey's block volleyball spike and Bowers' dunk steal the show. The Boy declares Laurence Bowers "clearly better" than Justin Safford.
  • Feb. 21: The Boy is behind watching Mizzou/Colorado because of Barefoot Contessa, and, most importantly, the Rachel Phelps puzzle is complete.
  • Feb. 25: The unholy alliance is suspended, and we get the first official in-game usage of the Laurence Bowers: Vroom Vroom Party Starter image, as Missouri gets revenge on Kansas State at Mizzou Arena. Mattyp gets a mention for "Best use of penguin metaphors."
  • March 1: Missouri is THROTTLED in Lawrence. Southside explains why Kansas is still the superior program at that point in time. I turn to Family Guy to try to describe what happened.
  • March 4: Mizzou Arena officially hosts an undefeated season, as Mizzou plays one of its best games of the year in becoming the only team (other than UNC in the Elite 8) to beat a fully healthy Oklahoma squad. Blake Griffin dresses like a woman. Whataburger taunts us. Rock M Nation turns in an extremely solid performanceModest celebration ensues.
  • March 7: Mizzou walks into a buzzsaw in College Station. Oh well. Side note: Still dancin'!

    Coming tomorrow: Anatomy of a Magical Season on RMN: Postseason Edition!