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Mizzou April Fools Links

What a great way to start the day...with a whole new round of "Anderson will stay at Missouri" links!

  • Mizzou's Mike Anderson inks new contract
  • KC Star: Mizzou keeps Anderson with 7-year deal worth $1.55 million guaranteed per year
  • KC Star (Whitlock): Dark era over at Mizzou

    My good friend Scott Cruce, a diehard Mizzou fan, called me Tuesday morning sounding like a man sentenced to walk the green mile. He assumed the payoff for six straight postseason victories would be watching the coach responsible make a lateral move for more money. Cruce, like most sports fans, never anticipated that Anderson could fall in love with Mizzou, show the school loyalty and leave money on the table.

    That rarely happens anywhere, let alone at Mizzou.

    Well, it did. And now we can officially say the “Black and Fool’s Gold Era” is dead, killed by a coach Mizzou fans barely know and an athletic director who has done an amazing job of rehabilitating his own image.

  • KC Star: Mike Anderson, career at MU (photo gallery)
  • The Trib: Anderson agrees to extension to stay at Missouri
  • Post-Dispatch: Mike Anderson will stay
  • Post-Dispatch (Burwell): Mizzou, Anderson get it done
  • The Missourian: Anderson agrees to new contract at Missouri
  • The Maneater: Anderson will stay at Missouri

Quickly to football, where there is a fresh new round of practice reports...

  • Football resumes spring practice
  • PowerMizzou: Back to practice
  • Dave Matter: Tigers back in action
    Just a couple depth chart items to note: Blaine Gabbert is still No. 1 at quarterback, followed by Jimmy Costello, Ashton Glaser and Blaine Dalton. (The two freshmen, Glaser and Dalton, continue to split reps with the third unit.) ... Munir Prince is up to No. 2 at one cornerback spot, behind starter Carl Gettis and ahead of Robert Steeples. Trey Hobson is No. 2 at the other corner spot, behind Kevin Rutland and ahead of Kip Edwards. I've been especially impressed with Prince's ability to hang with receivers downfield. His top-end speed is translating on the field. ... Hardy Ricks is No. 1 at strong safety, a spot ahead of junior college transfer Jarrell Harrison. ... George White appears to be working mostly with the No. 2 defense at defensive tackle, ahead of Andy Maples.

Interesting blurb there about White...

Finally, ten years ago today, a rumor spread on Tigerboard that was clearly an April Fools Day just couldn't possibly be true...and it was.  Norm retired.  From the Trib archive...

  • Stewart takes his seat

    He was hired by athletic director Dan Devine, who chose Stewart over Bill Fitch, "because I thought we needed somebody who could come in and kick some butt."

    When the football program at Missouri disappeared for more than a decade, it was Stewart’s basketball program that held up the pride of the athletic department. The Tigers did it by molding themselves in Stewart’s image — hard-nosed, mean, cocky and relentless.

    That’s how he kicked cancer in the butt. Then he withstood NCAA investigations and four straight years without an NCAA Tournament bid.

    Even in recent seasons, the Tigers were capable of some of the most memorable moments in MU athletics. Home wins over Kansas in 1997 and 1998 were classic stuff. Only on a few occasions could fans say the team didn’t entertain them.

    But there was so much baggage that came with it. It weighed down the accomplishments of the program.

    For every Stewart backer, there is an enemy. The reaction to his retirement is evidence of that. His former players know their old coach is either loved or hated.

  • Stewart leaves long legacy behind
  • Norm sits down
  • Stewart became mentor to many
  • Stewart's long run ends
  • Rivals remember 'The Dean'
  • Players stunned by decision, deny rumors of team unrest