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Meme Madness: Capital Regional First Round

In the vortex of large-scale athletic emptiness until football season begins again, we're passing the days here at Rock M Nation with Meme Madness, a 32-entry, bracket style blowout to determine the best theme/inside joke RMN has to offer. The full bracket can be found here.

Today, we feature the 3 v. 6 matchup in the Capital Regional.

No. 3 MCBoomofDoom's pudding vs No. 6 MotherRucker


Meme Coast Conf. (User-specific)

Meme 8 Conf. (Football)

There may not be a less-willing entrant than MCBoomofDoom, whose pudding exploits aren't exactly his favorite topic of conversation.

It all began the evening of Missouri's win over Illinois in St. Louis, when BoomofDoom was carrying around a seven-gallon can of pudding as an entry fee to a friend's place in the area. Once RMN brass caught word of this, a meme was born, beginning with that night's postgame podcast.

In the comments, Boom felt compelled to reply:

That 7 pound can of pudding was finished about 3 hours ago... I guess I got in a heated argument with some kid from Jersey about the best flavor of snack-packs. He said butterscotch, I said chocolate. Needless to say, sh*t went down. But I dont remember any of this, this is all second-hand information (even though it happened to me).

Outcome of the night is that I woke up still drunk and I popped open the pudding can with a church key and started drinking it straight. It was then passed around like a doobie. so satisfying. I also woke up wearing a Washington University in St. Louis Dad shirt. Interesting night to say the least. So today has been spent in a chocolate pudding fueled euphoria. What a day, what a weekend. I got none of it on my body and never once licked it off another person. I just drank it from a can. Thats what happened. any questions?

The history of the MotherRucker dates back to before the formation of Rock M Nation, all the way back to my days at Every True Son.

Early in the 2007 football season, Missouri was experimenting with a formation featuring tight end Martin Rucker as the recipient of the shotgun snap. Since it wasn't a true Wildcat, the formation needed a name.

Luckily, Matt was there, and a meme was born.

But as the days passed, the MotherRucker became more than a formation. It became more than a nickname.

The MotherRucker became a way of life.

The MotherRucker was the perfect blend of work ethic and charisma. It was carrying three men for five yards to reach the first down marker. It was dyeing your mohawk to represent the stripes on a Mizzou helmet.

MotherRucker will always have its place among the elite football memes in Rock M Nation history. Can it compete outside its conference?