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Meme Madness: Schlafly Regional First Round

In the vortex of large-scale athletic emptiness until football season begins again, we're passing the days here at Rock M Nation with Meme Madness, a 32-entry, bracket style blowout to determine the best theme/inside joke RMN has to offer. The full bracket can be found here.

Today, we feature the 1 v. 8 matchup in the Schlafly Regional.

No. 1 Thrust Nunchuk Upward vs
No. 8 The Beef's hatred of Ron Prince


Big 8 Conf. (Football)

Meme Coast Conf. (User-specific)

As far as nicknames are concerned, Thrust Nunchuk Upward is the Goliath of Rock M Nation.

Thrust Nunchuk Upward was not just a nickname -- it was a catchphrase in RMN's infancy that became a signature tagline in 2008.

Chase Coffman will be remembered as the greatest tight end in NCAA history according to the record books, as well as a member of the inaugural induction class to the RMN Wall of Excellence.

Around these parts, he'll also be remembered for one of the best nicknames this site may ever create.

The story of its origin if a frequent topic of inquiry, so for posterity's sake, here it is again, straight from The Boy's mouth:

1) Chase Coffman hurdles a lot of people.

2) Last season, rptgwb suggested we name Coffman the "Y-button" (or something like that) because that’s the hurdle button on NCAA Football on Xbox.

3) I said (paraphrasing), screw Xbox, I have a Wii.

4) Ross replied (paraphrasing), "Well, ‘Y-button’ sounds a whole lot better than ‘Thrust nunchuk upward’ or however you hurdle somebody on Wii."

5) I replied: "THRUST NUNCHUK UPWARD!!!!!"

Generally speaking, The Beef is a rational, upbeat human being.

But if you bring up Ron Prince, you're going to be meeting a new Beef.

In his two career games at Faurot Field, Prince managed to lengthen Missouri blowouts by leaving his starters in the game, attempting multiple onside kicks, throwing the ball endlessly, and generally pissing off everyone who wanted to go home.

Throw in that the games occurred in a nasty downpour and a freezing cold evening, respectively, it made for some classic Beef ranting:

"In his two trips to Faurot Field, a once proud program has not only gotten the sh*t kicked out of them for lack of a better way to describe it, but then has taken the most unclassy way.

And on a freezing cold day and a pouring down rain day, proved absolutely nothing. All they have proven is that, to me now, Ron Prince is a pariah of the coaching world and does not deserve at all to have another coaching job.

To K-State fans that look at this to say 'oh, we showed a lot of heart,' you didn't show us sh*t."


"I hope you don't coach again. I hope you don't have to impact another university in the way you've impacted K-State."