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Mizzou Links, 4-14-09

Not the linkiest day ever, but we've got some good stuff, starting with the three best words in Dave Matter's vocabulary: emptying the notebook.

Count Jaron Baston among those excited to see what MU’s defensive line can become over the summer months. The nose tackle is technically the only returning starter among the group, but he likes what’s developing around him.

“It’s there, but with the talent our guys got, it can be so much better,” he said. “It’s not even close to where it’s going to be after this summer and two-a-days and during the season when guys like Aldon, Jacquies and" Brian "Coulter and me get in the weight room. Once we get more chemistry going, the things we can do this year is going to be amazing.”

One unresolved question is the position next to him. Who emerges at defensive tackle? Terrell Resonno? Dominique Hamilton? George White? On Saturday, converted defensive end Chris Earnhardt lined up behind Resonno as the top backup at the position, followed by White and Bart Coslet, though the nose tackles, Hamilton, Jimmy Burge and Andy Maples, can probably move over and play the D-tackle spot, too. Essentially, the coaches would like four players to emerge for an inside rotation.

Other football links!

  • PowerMizzou: Like Father, Unlike Son: Spring Impressions
  • PowerMizzou: Young Tiger tackles have bright future
    "Last fall I was learning a lot, trying to get the feel of it, learning the offense and trying to get it all down," Hoch said. "Now I'm expected to get in and go. I'm just playing and not have to worry about it since I've got it ingrained in my head."

    With sophomores on either side of the line, the Tigers look to be set at two of the field's most important positions for years to come.

    "That would be great," Hoch said. "We're young, we could hold it for a while. We talk about it. We're pretty good friends too, so it's always fun to play with someone that you're close with."
  • KC Star: A. Smith coming on at defensive end
  • The Maneater: Tigers eye quarterback candidates

To football recruiting, where PowerMizzou takes a look at Mizzou's top defensive line targets for 2010.

Mike Dearmond talks to Jeremy Maclin about where he thinks he'll be drafted.  He's got the same impression as the rest of us--depending on what dominoes fall, it could be anywhere between #6 and #17 (or, I guess, technically lower than that).

Finally, welcome to the end-of-year basketball banquet, where everybody wins an award!  Okay, not everybody...but a pretty good percentage...