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It's The Fastest 40 Minutes in Podcasting!

Rptgwb and I are once again ready to fulfill your podcasting needs tonight.  Join us as we...

  1. Discuss what we'll be watching at Saturday's Black & Gold Game
  2. Give you the Official Rock M Nation Guide to Enjoying Yourself at a Black & Gold Game (#1 is the most important)
  3. Give Mizzou's two newest All-Americans their props despite knowing next to nothing about NCAA Gymnastics
  4. Break down Mizzou Baseball and the Rachel Phelps Watch
  5. Try not to jinx Mizzou Softball
  6. Break down the latest happenings in Meme Madness with rptgwb's not-yet-world-famous Meme Madness Report
  7. Send you out to Jurassic 5's "What's Golden".  Why?  Because it's got "Gold" in the title, that's why.  Black & Gold Game?  Get it?  Get it?

Direct mp3 download link

And yes, technically it's not my cat who yells, but my wife's cat.  She really wanted me to clear that up.