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Meme Madness: Schlafly Regional First Round

In the vortex of large-scale athletic emptiness until football season begins again, we're passing the days here at Rock M Nation with Meme Madness, a 32-entry, bracket style blowout to determine the best theme/inside joke RMN has to offer. The full bracket can be found here.

Today, we feature the 2 v. 7 matchup in the Schlafly Regional.

No. 2 Grey Goose vs No. 7 Professor Chaos


Meme USA Conf. (Basketball)

Meme 8 Conf. (Football)

As one half of the duo who went from Quin Snyder's tailspin to Mike Anderson's Elite Eight, Matt Lawrence has certainly had his share of ups and downs from the Mizzou fan base. So much so that he even alluded to it after Mizzou's Big 12 Championship win, in fact.

Amidst one of the downs of Mizzou's season (the loss to Illinois), stlcardinalfang posted a photo of Grey Goose, to which SleepyFloyd responded:

Is that Matt Lawrence's new nickname?

The Grey Goose?

I'd like to say the rest was history, but there was so much more. Despite eventually losing his starting spot to Kim English, Lawrence turned himself into a complete player, earning Big 12 Co-Sixth Man of the Year and helping key Missouri to a Big 12 Championship and an Elite Eight berth.

As it happened, the lanky, pale shooter who was somewhat derogatorily called "The Grey Goose" morphed himself into "GOOOOOSE," a bona fide RMN legend.

The third of Chase Daniel's nicknames in the field, Professor Chaos is in effect a meme on which the promise never truly delivered.

The idea of Daniel as "Professor Chaos" came in the final two weeks of the 2008 football season, when Dr. Saturday sent this reminder to the football world:

So whatever happens over the next two weeks, remember: There's always Chase Daniel, maker of mischief, waiting on Dec. 6 to burn this whole thing to the ground.

Of course, Mizzou fans and RMN fans in particular seem particularly fond of chaos, so the potential for meme growth was outstanding. With the slightest nudge, I set off to work on Photoshop, and the actual image of Chase Professor Chaos Daniel was born.

Because Mizzou was unable to wreak such BCS hell, the meme never completely took off.

However, the meme could get some serious new life if the chaos promised in December comes though and makes a dent in Meme Madness.