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Mizzou Links, 4-17-09

A quick links post this morning, as...well, I slept in...of course, I always say it's going to be a quick links post, and it ends up the same as always...

The Missourian has a pair of lovely player profiles up--first, a look at Derrick Washington and his new leadership role...second, a look at Andrew Jones and the shoes he has to fill.

Dave Matter has a VERY quick practice report from yesterday's 45-minute session...

Stud StL OL Nick Demien had an unofficial visit to Columbia and came away saying "Missouri definitely has the advantage."  Want more recruiting tidbits?  Visit...THE CHAMBER!!!!

How high is the bar for Mizzou softball right now?  They outscored UMR MUST MOST Missouri S&T 16-2 in a double-header...and got called "sluggish" in the proceeding Trib article.

Finally, to baseball, where has an official preview of Mizzou's huge weekend trip to Manhattan, and The Trib asks whether THIS is the time Mizzou's hot mid-week bats finally translate to weekend success...

BAM!  Five minutes flat!