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Mizzou Baseball's Postseason Hopes: Still Alive

Rachel Phelps lost a piece of clothing tonight as Mizzou won Game 1 of the MU-KSU series tonight in unlikely fashion--by scoring four runs in the top of the ninth and pulling a 4-3 win out of their backsides.

Heading into the 9th, Mizzou had 0 runs on 4 hits off of KSU starter AJ Morris.  Here's how the 9th went down:

  • Aaron Senne doubles
  • Greg Folgia singles, Senne to third
  • Thoma Rooke relieves Morris
  • Trevor Coleman hits a 3-run homerun to give Mizzou a 3-2 lead.
  • Kyle Mach hits a solo homerun to give Mizzou a 4-2 lead.

Four runs on no outs.  So Mizzou took a 4-3 lead to the bottom of the ninth, and it was all on Kyle Gibson to complete the win.

  • Jason King strikes out
  • Drew Biery singles
  • Jordan Cruz singles, Biery to third
  • Rob Vaughn singles, Biery scores, Cruz to second - 4-3 Mizzou
  • Mike Kindel singles, loads the bases
  • Jordan Cruz caught stealing (?) at third
  • Adam Muenster grounds out

Eight innings of non-drama, followed by chaos...and a Mizzou win.

Rachel Phelps Watch: 14 wins to go for Mizzou.