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Mizzou Softball vs. Texas Tech (Game 2)

Funny thing to start one of these threads before the game starts is that I really have no idea what the lineup will be.  With SO many people hitting right now, it is tough for me to guess and put the tags in the field.

Anyway, the Tigers go for another Big XII sweep against the Red Raiders.  Mizzou won in dominantly easy fashion yesterday, scoring a 5-inning 12-0 win.  I expect freshman Kristen Nottlemann to take the hill today, perhaps with some work to come from junior Jana Hainey if the situation calls for it.

From around the league, OU scored another win yesterday over aTm, and they will play again today.  Baylor took down a decent NU squad and UT kept pace with a win over kU.  Right now, here are the standings:

MU: 9-2

OU: 10-4

UT: 9-4

BU: 9-4

Not entirely sure how OU has played so many more games, but they have many in hand.  This is where Mizzou has a nice advantage, with one more against TTech and 2 against ISU (2nd to last) before they play OU.  Win those games and MU will be in the driver's seat as they welcome OU next weekend.  A loss by OU today and it could be even more advantageous.  UT and Baylor (especially Baylor after being swept by MU) are on the outside looking in.