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Anatomy of a Magical Season on RMN: Postseason Edition!

Call it nostalgia, call it not letting go, call it "not ready to focus on the diamond sports yet." Whatever you call it, we're not ready to let this past basketball season die. This is the final part of a three-part installment that looks at the magical season that was, as seen through the archives of posts, FanPosts, FanShots and comments on RMN. Today's installment takes a look at the postseason portion of the season.


I know The Boy said it in his postmortem piece, but please let me reiterate how ecstatic we are about the way Rock M Nation has developed over the last few months. The community was kickstarted by the 2007 football team and started developing a serious life of its own during this football season, but this basketball season took things around here to another level.

I can't speak for The Boy or The Beef, but I feel tremendously proud of the community that has developed here. For the most part, it is becoming everything that was our vision for Rock M Nation when we first began discussing its inception in fall 2007. Stick with us through the offseason, keep commenting, and tell your friends. After all, football season is right around the corner...