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Matt Lawrence in the 3-point shootout

8:17 - Put up a 16 in round one, could have been higher, but he missed three of five money balls.  Will see if 16 is good enough to make the next round.

8:18 - In the next round, some dude named Jimmy Barron posted a 25, but the other dude only got a 15, so Goose is in 3rd right now.

8:19 - A 23 and a 17 posted in the third pairing.  Goose is in 5th of 6.  Not good.

8:21 - A 22 and a 14 in the final pairing.  Goose finishes 6th of 8.  Top four advance.  Sorry, Goose.

In the end, Goose proved me wrong.  I thought he'd either finish first or last, and he was distinctly in the middle.  Gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta make the money balls.