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Mizzou Links, 4-21-09

Slow links day today, at least in comparison to the always-loaded Monday links posts...

So after Jarrid Famous' surprise (to say the least) announcement yesterday, what's left for Mizzou's 2009 recruiting class?  PowerMizzou takes a look

The big name on the list could be that of Cliff Dixon, a 6'10, 215-pounder from Hutchinson CC.  His stat line really isn't too shabby--he shot 47.5% from the field, 62.0% from the FT line, averaged 1.26 points per shot (not great for a big man), and overall averaged 15.3 PPG, 8.0 RPG, 1.5 APG, 1.3 SPG, and 1.3 BPG.  His drawbacks are that he really doesn't seem to draw much contact, and he averaged a pretty (okay, very) poor 3.8 TOPG.  If Mike Anderson wants him, I'll gladly take him and see what kind of player he could turn into in this system.  Still, though, the baffling loss of Famous hurts...

We move to football, where a few links are still trickling in.  Dave Matter points us to the latest Trib Podcast, while PowerMizzou summarizes the spring's offensive performance and Jeff Wolfert expects to go the free agent route...

Wolfert has good reason to believe in himself. After leaving the swim program as a sophomore and walking on to the football team, Wolfert converted 59 of 72 career field-goal attempts and all 185 of his extra points for a 94.9 percent accuracy rate, topping the NCAA mark for combined kicks of 93.3 set by UCLA’s John Lee during 1982-85.

Wolfert, a standout soccer player at Blue Valley West who was injured in his only game as a varsity kicker, decided to try football at Missouri because he wanted to perform on a bigger stage.

“People called me crazy, but I envisioned something like this happening,” Wolfert said. “There is no career in diving. The best you can do is go to the Olympics, but even then, there’s not a career in it.

“I knew I was really good at kicking a football. I didn’t know how I’d do under pressure, but I know myself. I thought I could do it. I gave myself a shot and put myself in the situation I’m in now.”

Finally, to baseball, where Greg Folgia learned that hitting .429 for the week while delivering a game-changing pair of homeruns in a huge conference road win on Saturday, tends to earn you Big 12 Player of the Week honors.