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Mizzou Links, 4-22-09

Current footballers: PowerMizzou takes a look at Mizzou's defensive performance this spring.

Former footballers: a couple Mizzou greats have much different draft hopes heading into the weekend.  Ziggy Hood is hoping to sneak into the first round, and Chase Daniel is hoping to sneak into the...draft.  (Pretty neat that Daniel is being looked at by his hometown Cowboys, while Chase Patton is being looked at by his hometown(ish) Chiefs.  Then again, #10 never did play his best in Texas...)

Future footballers: Tyler Gabbert may be looking to wrap up his recruitment sooner than later.  That's a Huskers Illustrated article, so--shockingly--it doesn't mention Mizzou, but we know Mizzou and Gabbert are at least somewhat interested in each other.  Of course, that said, TG's never presented himself as the type who would just go somewhere because his brother's there--he's going where the opportunity is.  Smart money's probably on NU in this race, but MU's got a shot.

Huge day for Mizzou Softball, as they look to maintain their Big 12 lead against 21-25 Iowa State.  Anything but a sweep would be at least a bit disappointing.

Finally, almost as huge a day for Mizzou Baseball, as they face off against Kansas at Kauffman tonight.  Johnny Wholestaff, do your thing...